The Long Way Home

You can’t even trust your food!

So I just finished making an awesome meal. Breaded, oven fried pork chops, oven roasted red potatoes, and a heaping salad piled high with veggies. So what was so special about this? Every single item of food was either organic or bought from the local farmer’s market. Why go this route? Well, it’s simple. I believe the FDA has become the enemy of the health of the American people. But surely not the FDA, they protect us right? They make sure our food, medicine, etc is safe for human consumption! That is what I believed for a very long time. Now, I have seen the truth.

Most people don’t know what a GMO product is, but let me tell you. GMO means genetically modified organism. When you go to the supermarket, the majority of the food there contains GMO ingredients. Over 90% of the worlds corn, soy, canola, and cotton is genetically modified. Usually to make them “naturally” fight off pests or withstand against advanced pesticides. Thanks to companies like Monsanto, makers of Round-Up weed killer, the market has been completely saturated with GMO products. Their GMO products. They are the worlds #1 producer of GMO foods. But GMO foods are safe right? Hmm, an interesting thought considering the FDA allows GMO to not only be sold in the US but not even have to be labeled as containing GM ingredients. But why then does over 40 countries around the world BAN the use of GMO ingredients or at the very least require the labeling of GMO ingredients? Because they are not safe. Just recently in France a study was done where mice were fed ONLY GMO food and the results? The mice were dying. Cancerous tumors, diabetes, and much more. Think about this; 20 years ago if you bought a soda…what was it sweetened with? Sugar. What are they using now? High fructose corn syrup, what is usually a GMO ingredient. Start reading labels on your food. Look at how many foods contain soy. Another highly GM ingredient. Things were not like this a couple decades ago. But look at our health now. 20 years later, there are record numbers of people with cancer, diabetes, hormonal issues, and many more health problems. What does it easily point to? Well, GM ingredients really have been getting more and more use over the last 20 years or so. Just like how the health issues have been seriously increasing over the last 20 years or so. But the FDA assures us GM ingredients are safe. FUN FACT: Barack Obama appointed Michael R. Taylor as head of the FDA. Why is that special? Maybe it is the fact that he is a former executive for Monsanto Co. That is right, there is a fox in the hen house. And our “fearless leader” put him there.

But the problem doesn’t just stop with our food. How about our drinking water? Many local governments still add fluoride to the municipal drinking supply. Fluoride. That stuff that supposedly fights cavities, strengthens your teeth, etc. Well that can’t be too bad right? How about this…IT IS TOXIC! Read this!

Even the American Dental Assoc. says there are health risks to fluoridated water. But the government still keeps pouring it in. Me, I drink water purified through reverse osmosis only. One of the few ways to remove this poison from my tasty water.

But what about when you go to the doctor? Those shots? Vaccinations? How about mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and that is just getting started. You would be shocked to see just how much the FDA says is ok to put in your body. What does all this mean? It means read what is in your food. Don’t take chances with your health. You only have one life to live. Make the most of it. Buy organic, or from your local farmer’s market. Don’t let the companies like Monsanto, Dow, Con Agra, or even the FDA poison you. When you keep people sick, they become easier to control.

I’m sorry for the rant, but some people needed to see things like this. If even one person decides to read this and do more research and decide to change their eating habits to help their health, then I have done my job. Please people. Save yourselves. The government won’t do it for you.

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